Melting Column – Invisible Column

“Melting Column” and “Invisible Column” site-specific installation at the Lab, in San Francisco. “Invisible Column” is made of a cement “spill” that reveals the empty base of a column, the same dimensions as the other columns in the building. The placement of this “invisible” column is where a column should be (or may have been) as all columns in the building are spaced the same distance apart, except between the 2 columns that invisible column was placed. The area between those 2 columns was doubled plus 16 inches (the side measurement of a column). “Melting Column” has cement poured down the sides and pooling around the bottom. The ceiling tiles, which are the building’s actual tiles, are being pulled down as the column shrinks. Cement and cement coated string. – 2005

For “Almost Gone” I used the empty vent holes in the gym at the Headlands Center for the Arts, for this site specific installation. – Cement, lights and cement coated string. 2007